What is Financial Wellness?

Financial wellness is a state of financial well-being in which you can comfortably pay your debts, meet immediate financial needs, survive unexpected financial emergencies, and plan for long-term financial goals such as children's education costs and retirement savings.


Financial wellness reduces stress, adds meaning and purpose to your life, ensures financial stability, and prepares you for unexpected financial emergencies.

Smart Money Education Program on Financial Wellness

Organizations that focus on financial wellness of their employees will always have a competitive edge. Currently we conduct Virtual Financial Wellness Program for Corporate Employees of renowned organizations in Oman. Our clientele include PDO, OQ, OREEDO, InstOG & Renaissance.

We train them on Budgeting, Debts Management, Savings, Investments & Insurance Protection. Our tailored training program can lead to increased employee productivity, greater staff engagement, and improved levels of job satisfaction, all of which can contribute to increased employee loyalty to the company.

Our Corporate Financial Wellness program will help employees find meaningful ways of spending and saving & Investing. This will lead them to a better financial well-being in which they will be very clear about their financial positions, goals & objectives. That clarity will ensure their enhanced productivity at workplace.

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We offer many services for everyday people who are concerned over their financial health and want to understand what options are available to them in regards to investments, savings, insurance and banking products. Contact us today and find out more about how I can tailor my services to your needs.



Valuable Feedback from our participants.

Hussain Al Moosa says "The personal Money Management workshop Conducted by Hanaa Al Hinai helped me reconsider my financial decisions in life and I highly recommend this program for everyone" 

Watch more testimonials from the attendees who got benefited from the group & one to one finance management programs conducted by Hanaa Al Hinai

Hanaa Al Hinai – Founder & CEO

Hanaa is the founder and CEO of Smart Money Education.

She established the Smart Money Education site to provide individuals with the financial education necessery for them to start improving their financial situation and take charge of their lives.

Hanaa is a successful Banking executive having worked in the areas of Wealth Management and Retail Banking with a strong domestic and international experience in a career spanning over 20 years. She is a Money Coach with a Bachelor’s degree in Financial & Risk Management and a Masters in Finance from the University of Victoria, Australia.

Her international experience included one of Australia’s leading banks “Westpac Banking” for several years as a Financial Advisor having advised thousands of clients in terms of investment planning, retirement planning, saving plans, tax planning, and insurance planning.

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